Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Father's Love Letter

Below you will find a link to an intimate message from your Father to you. It arrived in my email box today and it is beautiful! Take a few moments and read it, bask in it's message and share it with others!


At 5:01 PM, Blogger Catma said...

Glad I do not have sound on, I do not trust pretty music and I do not like that book no sir, I have been up real close and personal with that book and it is not my text no matter what parts you pull out and sugar coat. Does not the potter have the power over the clay to shape one vessel into honor and the other into dishonor. Poor vessel had little choice now did it. I could go on and on I have picked it apart. They say believe it ALL or none so I will take none of it. You can find truth in a drop of water, a slug crossing a spider web above the void, the dew drop on the eye of a sleeping bee those wonders I have seen when I looked for beauty. I do not buy the pretty words. You can hide any thing in pretty words in public and behind closed doors it is another thing entirely. God is a man, Father, Son and HOLY SPIRIT, virgin birth. Check it out sometimes it is pretty one sided. Most do not know that Lot the one person spared the destruction of the two cities offered his virgin daughter to a mob if they would but leave his door and his angelic friends alone. He did get to deflower them himself and found a couple of tribes I do believe. They got him drunk first of course. It was their fault, just like Eve taken in by a snake, whispering sweet words. KISS MY GRITS!


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