Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Wealth

My Wealth

by Kathleen Melton Sihlanick

Lord, teach me to be grateful
For the gift of life itself.
Help me reach out to others
And share with them my wealth.

My wealth today may be a smile
For someone who's distressed
Tomorrow it may be a handshake
Or a word or two in jest.

Next week I may be so fortunate
As to give some inspiration
To one who needs encouragement
And has received only condemnation.

You see I have a wealth of goods
Which I should like to share.
The supply is never-ending,
It's obtained through love and prayer.

Thus, it is my earnest pleas
That my Christian spirit show
And I impart a radiance
That may cause some heart to glow.

And may it be in such a way
It is never known nor guessed.
God, if I guide only one soul to you
My life shall be truly blessed.


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