Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Power of Compassion

Just a thought I wanted to share. . .

There is power and freedom in considering the needs of others above our own wants. There is a peace that cannot be described in living outside the security of stuff and things, fully relying upon God and His provision. There is so much more life to be had investing our time, energy, and resources with purpose and aim that benefit the lives of others within our communities rather than pursuing a life of wastefulness and selfish ambition. When pride is discarded and we begin to assist and co-labor with others on this quest to fulfill the Creator's plan for humanity, we find that we come full circle in the expression of and the recieving of God's love. Through reaching beyond ourselves to extend a helping hand, we in actuality experience the hand of God at work in our very lives. In giving we recieve. . . "Give and it shall be given unto you". . . We're created to be community-minded, relationship-oriented beings. For "no man is an island" and every life is connected to and in some way affects another. We are all connected. And in order for us to excel in this life we must remember that. Everything we do has a lasting affect on the life of another, somewhere. And to get ahead in life we must be willing to travel with others, showing them the way as well. We cannot reach our destinations in life solitarily. The way God designed our lives, we need others and they need us. We are creatures of companionship. Togetherness is our means of travel through this life, along the path which leads to our destiny.


At 7:59 PM, Blogger B O B said...

Thanks Mimi, your writing is very inspiring. And I am so glad you became apart of our group

At 4:30 PM, Blogger Mimi said...

I appreciate that Bob. I am glad to be a part of this great team.

At 1:47 PM, Blogger Catma said...

Lovely sentiments but I stumble on words like God and I go crazy, I got thumped with the Bible pretty good as I kid and recently remembered the reason that churches make me nervous. I have always prided myself on my ability to be a moral person without the carrot of heaven or the stick of hell in the equation. I raised my son and he is raising his children with out the Christian bias to me poison that is so wide spread here in the south. My own brother admits that I am smarter than he is and more moral, and honest yet if I do not accept the body of Christ into my life I am damned to Hell. I always thought that seemed unfair. Fairness is what I have asked out of life. To be treated as I deserve nothing more and nothing less. Yet the first lesson in this I teach is life is not fair, get over and go on. Judging no one as I do not know their story.

I never found the idea of being in the hands of a loving Father, or a bride of Christ to be an image of comfort to me. No not a comfort at all. I had to stand firm against my whole family's condemnation and resist the easy answers. What makes your book more Holy than another? Your book is full of contradictions and translations of miss translations. I need a book with different answers.

Fancy that timing, I told my husband that I wanted to go out and get a book that I had recently heard about from a good friend and as I wrote that sentence he walked it with it. Divine intervention or the Universe laughing at me again. It has done that so much recently then reality comes crashing in and I realize it was but another fanciful dream.

Except for work I seldom go anywhere. Last time I went to Sheet's I got blinded by the light and backed into huge car I could not see. Sounded loud and scary but my Grand son who was not in the car, I would never ever hurt him, he said it hardly made a sound. Odd thing perception has been on my mind a lot. How we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us can be worlds apart. Opps I did not mean to run on so. It is a bad habit of mine. I have no one to talk to in the real world about such things. I am island surrounded by Christians and I do not buy there labels. I recently bought a computer with Windows thinking I might reach out beyond my own small circle but find I have no understanding of the things of the computer world. So I just sit on my balance ball on look at all the words you do not understand and have labels for and shake my head at my ignorance. I only learned of IM and all the other things like that recently. Everything I want to do like download music and maybe play with Photo Shop or labeled teenie bopper stuff my my son and if it could not be done in Linux the is my operating system then it was not worth doing. I discovered that I am a kid and I missed out on all the fun when I was one. I am my feeble old mother setting here helpless and unable to do things for myself because I have to many duties to others to have much time for me. My camera is my best friend. I smacked that and shook it around and got some freedom but have no idea what to do with it. So I hang on to my own personal mantra and keep going. Hoping I will figure it out for myself before the end. I will stop yammering and go and sweep and flow and to Kenny Rogers and dance with my broom. Even housework can be fun with you are happy and hopefully and dancing with Kenny Rogers. Thanks for you time.

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