Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Power of Compassion

Just a thought I wanted to share. . .

There is power and freedom in considering the needs of others above our own wants. There is a peace that cannot be described in living outside the security of stuff and things, fully relying upon God and His provision. There is so much more life to be had investing our time, energy, and resources with purpose and aim that benefit the lives of others within our communities rather than pursuing a life of wastefulness and selfish ambition. When pride is discarded and we begin to assist and co-labor with others on this quest to fulfill the Creator's plan for humanity, we find that we come full circle in the expression of and the recieving of God's love. Through reaching beyond ourselves to extend a helping hand, we in actuality experience the hand of God at work in our very lives. In giving we recieve. . . "Give and it shall be given unto you". . . We're created to be community-minded, relationship-oriented beings. For "no man is an island" and every life is connected to and in some way affects another. We are all connected. And in order for us to excel in this life we must remember that. Everything we do has a lasting affect on the life of another, somewhere. And to get ahead in life we must be willing to travel with others, showing them the way as well. We cannot reach our destinations in life solitarily. The way God designed our lives, we need others and they need us. We are creatures of companionship. Togetherness is our means of travel through this life, along the path which leads to our destiny.