Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Light of Truth

When I was living in Chinhae South Korea, as a dependent on a US Naval base. One of the activities that I took up was Karate.

It was popular at the time, and not only taught physical discipline but mental respect. When, and when not to defend yourself, was part of the lesson my instructor taught. And in part of his teaching he related this story and I listened:

Ages ago, there was a priest in the temple who was well respected, his life was pure and many sent their children to him to learn his lessons on, how to live a good life, and how to appreciate the goodness of the world around you.

His pure life was one that many tried to emulate, he was an example of pure love that rarely assumes a human form. All bowed in his presence, which was unusual, because that was usually reserved for the elders. But this priest, was as so many remarked a guiding light that they could only hope to follow.

But then there was a scandal. A young woman who attend his classes, had hid for such a very long time, what was growing inside her. She was a student of the priest's class. And soon all could not help to notice she was with child.

Rumors began. And the priest that was thought so highly before, was the whisper of the town. Could he be the one who got the poor child pregnant?

No longer would the towns people bow, but put their hands covering their mouths. As if to stop the words that all began to think. This priest has done a terrible thing.

The parents sat down with their child, who was very nervous, for bringing such shame to her family. They asked her, "Daughter who did this to you?"

The daughter, knew the rumors and she did love the priest. And it was so easy for her to say, "Yes, the priest did this to me."

The parents went to the priest outraged. They threw their accusations at him, like spears to his soul. They condemned the priest for his actions. And soon the whole town thought of him with disrespect.

Then the priest said, "I will take your daughter, and I will raise her child." And he did.

No longer did the people of the town honor the priest. There were no more classes. The priest had now only two he taught the young girl and her baby. And he taught them with the love, as he had the classes before. And the young girl thought what love this priest gives us.

Then one day as the young girl grew older, she could not abide her conscience. She had lied, the priest was not the father of her child. She went to her parents, although it was hard she told them the truth.

The parents were dumbfounded. And they thought, what harm has come to this priest. They left to see see their grandchild and find the reason the priest did not tell them he was not the father.

They found the priest holding their grandchild, he held her with love. The parents asked, "Why did you not tell us you were not the father of our daughter's child?"

The priest looked up from the baby in his arms, "If I told you the truth, you would not have believed me, you were not ready for the truth." "When you are ready, truth will find you as it has now."

And the Parent's thought, that was so. And they understood, why the priest did not defend himself. And they thought of the priest again, as the pure form of life that so few can achieve. And they understood that the pureness of truth is like light that will only shine through a clear glass. And if that glass is clouded with dirt the truth of the light can not shine through.

Picture Bridge at Peaks of Otter Lake By bob


At 11:21 PM, Blogger D L Ennis said...

Great story Bob! I love these two stories that you've posted sofar...


At 2:16 AM, Blogger B O B said...

Thanks DL

At 8:56 AM, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said...

Another great story! Thanks for sharing these stories of wisdom with us!



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